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Well we just had the start of an amazingly large storm... I was just walking around and boom it started pouring rain. So I decided to run with it and just went out in my croc flip flops and ran around in the flooding streets of the College, and got utterly soaked. It was amazing. I stood out on the bluffs for a while and just watched the lightening flash over and over. It was a real treat.

I also found an enlightening sense of peace while I was out there. I could just walk around, and enjoy the feel of the rain. I saw people running for cover in their coats, trying to get umbrellas up quickly. I knew that they would never experience the full glory of a rain; and that I was proud to experience it every time the opportunity came. The feel of the raindrops on your skin is invigorating, and when you walk barefoot through large puddles, your feet get wet, and you start becoming more aware. As I walked back I felt so encompassed in Love and Mind that I knew that lightening could never hit me, and that a storm could never harm the college or anyone in it. I found that after this revelation the amount of water collected on my shirt decreased. The weather system stayed the same throughout this change.

I'm incredibly grateful to have had the chance to enjoy this sort of storm alone, in a moderate temperature with amazing rain, and grateful that I got to see the flashes of lightening filling the firmament.

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So today at the college there was mention of people being afraid of airborne contagion because there have been some maladies passing between roommates around here. As much as I dislike my writing seminar, I refuse to be taken down without a fight. So I browsed my science and health a bit, because of that and because of some feet problems I've been having that are keeping me from playing ultimate frisbee :(. I opened to a random spot, in the back of my head knowing that whatever I landed on would be helpful. I opened to page 307 and started on line 7:

Evil still affirms itself to be mind, and decalres that there is more than one intellignece or God. It says: "There shall be lords and gods many. I declare that God makes evil minds and evil spirits and that I aid Him. Truth shall change sides and be unlike Spirit. I will put spirit into what I call matter, and matter shall seem to have life as much as God, Spirit, who is the only life." This error has proved itself to be error. Its life is found to be not Life, but only a transient, false sense of an existence which ends in death. Error charges its lie to Truth and says: "the Lord knows it. He has made man mortal and material, out of matter instead of Spirit." Thus error partakes of its own nature and utters its own falsities. If we regard matter as intelligent, and Mind as both good and evil, every sin or supposed material pain and pleasure seems normal, a part of God's creation, and so weighs against our course Spiritward. Truth has no beginning. The divine Mind is the Soul of man, and gives man dominion over all things. Man was not created from a material basis, nor bidden to obey material laws which Spirit never made, his province is in spiritual statutes, in the higher law of mind.
-Science and Health, 307: 7-30

This is so glorious. We have dominion over everything in this physical world. The divine Mind is the Soul of man... here is the definition of Mind from the Science and Health:

MIND. The only I, or Us; the only Spirit, Soul, divine Principle, substance, Life, Truth, Love, the one God; not that which is in man, but the divine Principle, or God, of whom man is the full and perfect expression; Deity, which outlines but is not outlined.

So we are none of us these material husks, these bodies, we are the 'full and perfect expression' of God, and that is how we communicate and radiate to every other being. It's not what is IN us, it is what we ARE. What we EXPRESS. What we DEMONSTRATE. And if we are all expressing like this, and we were to all realize it (something we should strive for) then another point comes to mind.... when war ends, and the TRUE brotherhood of man will join together. Once we stop our bickering, once we stop our believing in sin, and stop the separation, the war is over, and we will all be united again. We are currently united, but half of us don't realize it, and when you don't know it exists, it doesn't to you. I was so amazed at the clarity this brought. We have dominion over everything. I couldn't find a definition of Dominion in the science and health, but here is what the OED says:

 1. The power or right of governing and controlling; sovereign authority; lordship, sovereignty; rule, sway; control, influence.

So we have the ability to completely control ourselves, our environment and our thoughts. Isn't that amazing to think? We can ACTUALLY CONTROL what happens.

Just my little bit of inspiration for today!

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The subject may imply that I am hating school, which would be a gross misunderstanding. It's more that I'm finding things out about myself that I hate, and realizing that it is very hard to reverse these personality qualities. For one, it's the overobsession with drama. Why the hell should I MAKE life harder for myself, and complain about life being hard at the same time? I worry all the GODDAMN TIME. Worry about what people think of me, whether they like me or not, etc. You could say 'Oh Daniel, you're only human' but this isn't normal for humans! That would be why OTHER people, aren't LIKE me. I love the new perspective on life that college gives, and I love very much all of these people I'm meeting, but when it comes down to it I'm a NICE GUY. Being a nice guy doesn't mean I'm daft like most other nice guys in social situations, it just means that I have a heart, and I'm a romantic, but like to be nice to people and make sure they are comfortable. Why the hell can't I just suck it up and make someone hurt for once? I'd hate doing it, but it would free me of this 'everyone needs to be ok but me' mentality.

In other news my writing seminar is a lot of fun, and I'm registering for classes next wednesday!

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To be quite frank, I am extremely excited to be leaving home tomorrow. I get to spend time with my friends for a couple days in St. Louis and then get to reunite with my best friends up at college. It's dull and drab here. My brother is always getting in arguments with me, that are completely and utterly pointless, but they still infuriate me. In anycase, I'll be glad to be away. I can't wait to get back to my desktop computer that I made for my senior project. It's going to be super fun. I love that computer. And now I have my laptop. Speaking of which, anyone know if it is ok to take laptop batteries onto the plane? Just checking.

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I've been having an interesting experience as of late. I've been subjecting myself to living in filth and stench. It wasn't my choice per se, it was a defaulted state. I vowed I wouldn't shower until I cleaned the bathroom, and I haven't done it yet. I'm planning on doing it today, and will hopefully then shower, but who knows.

It's given me a new perspective though. I used to be the type of guy who showered twice a day when I was at Prin Upper School. Once in the morning after waking up, and then again in the afternoon after work/sports. I was a clean maniac, and don't get me wrong, I still love smelling great! I just found it interesting that so many people live in their own stench and filth, and don't even really care. We've been thought controlled to think that we needed to be clean or we would get diseased. Perhaps this is true, but only true because we've been led to believe it. Back in the Middle Ages, bathing was indeed a rarity, and yes, they got diseased but not from not bathing, because the diseases were introduced. Still, they were mind controlled into thinking that it could hurt them, or that it was contagious.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. What does this statement actually mean? Bodily cleanliness? Or perhaps cleanliness of the mind... I think the latter is true. This had made me think harder about the real problem here. The real problem is people like me who purposely can't stand people who smell bad. Yes it's unpleasant, but it's people like me that portray that feeling to a person, and make them feel even shittier about themselves. So I've decided to clean out my thought, to become closer to God, and forgive smelly people for my assumptions about them. (It'd still be nice for them to shower!)

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So I just starting reading 12 years with Mary Baker Eddy at the behest of my sunday school teacher. I've only gotten through the first 2 chapters, as per her request, but I want to keep reading. It's really interesting to see things that she ACTUALLY said. Very intriguing in the life she led. I was going to talk about something that I had noticed that she did in her life that was significant to understanding CS, but it seems to have floated away. If it comes back, I'll snatch it and force it into words here :).

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This is not really a spiritual post at all, so if you read my blog for that, you can skip this one if you like. This post is also a bit personal, so be gently in your responses.

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Frequency is the key, and I have been ignoring it. I am adding this as my homepage so that I actually remember about it.

I also be sharing my thoughts about an article I've decided to write for the Periodicals... it's going to be called Thought Control. Wish me luck! I'll keep everyone updated.

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I don't have much to share at the moment, but hopefully soon. I'm going to meet my mom at the reading room and hopefully get some reading in, then eat lunch with her. When I return, hopefully I will have some enlightenment to share! :)



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So i'm graduated now, back home for the summer, and absolutely hating every second it. There are a few pluses now and then, but I just don't really have any friends here, or anything to do. I wish that I was back in St. Louis where it was warm and snuggly, it's only 55 here, and I can't stand the cold at night. I'm also frusterated because my mom is almost not letting me drive to school. If I can just get the car with me, then I'm free... I have the car, I'm paying for it, then I can get a job, an apartment, and start working. I don't want to just bail out on home, but I don't want to be here anymore, and I don't know exactly how to deal with it. I'm trying with CS but to no avail. I'm working on some other healings that are physical to no avail, and it's really erking me that I'm not seeing any fruition from my efforts. The current healing has to do with dry skin on my toes, and it's ripping and cracking and red and painful, and I can't fix it! I feel so angry! On an unrelated issue I can't type without my hands hurting really badly, but I can't use my own computer because it zapped myself. My uncle isn't around to take my order for my laptop, so I have no computer but my moms, and it utterly sucks... I wish I could have it when I go to California, but it looks like I'm gonna fail at that too. :(:( Wish I had answers to these persistent questions, but I can't find them. I just want to get out of here, and never come back. bleh.

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